Hi My name is Pat Montani  and along with my friend  Paul Sherwen,  who many of you know me as the voice of the Tour de France in the  English speaking world, we founded Bicycles for Humanity, too provide the gift of mobility to the people  of  Africa.  In the last 14 years  our volunteer, chapter lead, grassroots  movement has   delivered over 155,000 bicycles,  while teaching the people  how to manage, maintain and  support the Bicycle Empowerment Centre  Initiative.

Empowerment is the key to a better life for all in Africa,  we also believe that a bicycle and a smart phone are the game changers and to meet the need for better education, healthcare and opportunity, we  founded  iEmpowerment and iEmpowermentuniversity to   provide    added learning, skills development and access to opportunity.

What  most in the cycling world might not know is that Paul grew up in Eastern Uganda and spent  his summers in Karamoja.  6 years ago, we brought  our bicycle program and  the iEmpowerment program to Karamoja.   Karamoja is a place we love and   we want to help the people of the region develop and grow in ways that they believe are right to protect the cultural heritage and people of this  incredible region.

As the developed   world comes to Karamoja, supporting,  assisting and helping the Karamojong , understand change and create  opportunity that they feel are  best for them is  very important to us and we now many others out there globally as well.  To this end, we have  established  karamoja.org as a place where all with a business there or are  interested in Karamoja  can come together, learn of other projects and people with an interest in the region.  We hope that by sharing ideas, network, and opportunities, together we can  help Karamoja and it's incredible people.

Please join us on this journey and invite and share with us others who's heart is in Karamoja.


Paul Sherwen and Pat Montani