Karamoja is a place we love and   together, we  want to help the people of the region develop and grow in ways that they believe are right to protect their  cultural heritage  and the environment  of this  incredible region. We simply believe that Karamoja, will,  "Lead Africa forward" and together, we can make a difference not only  in Karamoja, but across all of Africa.

Karamoja.org is a place to bring  all those interested in Karamoja together, plus  a place where we can share  information and ideas that will help not only the Karamojong, but anyone in Africa.  The Ekokwa Reference material and guides in PDF format can be shared and used by anyone.  This reference Library contains  an incredible amount of great  information, especially in the field of Community health  and  it is free for everyone in PDF format that can easily be downloaded to any phone or computer. Karamojong,in many  areas of the region have implemented the iEmpowerment, Skills Empowerment program and  they are here for all as a resource  to help others.

By working together   in Karimoja and  helping each other  and then as a collective team helping all in Africa  gain access to better education, healthcare and opportunity, we   are not only doing good, but more importantly, showing that Karamoja cares and  wants to   give back, while showcasing  the incredible talent and skills of it's people.

​My friend Paul Sherwen spent his summers traveling through Karamoja with his  father and uncle and has always loved the region and it's people.  5 years ago, we  decided to bring the  Bicycles for Humanity Program  to the region and to date, we have delivered over 4000 bicycles here and hope  to continue to grow this program. Karamoja was also the first implementation of the iEmpowerment SEC program and we hope to share this with everyone.

Please join us on this journey, invite  others, share with us and together,  lets  help Karmamoja,  Lead Africa Forward.  This site is for everyone in Karamoja  and all of Africa  to use. The Resources-Ekokwa contains an incredible amount of very  useful learning material for all, especially in the field of Community Health. For more  great content, please visit  www.iempowermentuniversity.org

If we can grow cultural tourism as an industry in Karamoja  and use technology to help all in Karamoja move forward in a positive way, than we will have  helped many and set a new model for  all of Africa. Please share this link  with all who   you believe can  realize value from this.  If you want to  have content added to this site, please email me, pat@karamoja.org


 The Karamojong  Team