My name is  Paul Sherwen and welcome to Paul Sherwen Classis Safari's.  Many of you know me as  the voice of cycling in the  English Speaking world and a past Tour de France bike rider.  What you might not know is that I grew up in Uganda, I am a Ugandan Citizen and   I get just as much joy showing people Uganda and all that it has to offer as I do riding a bike.

When not   broadcasting bike races, I am home in Uganda, and I love to show my  friends this incredible country,  it's great  parks and wildlife and to meet the   incredible people of my country.    For years, I have been taking friends and family to the most incredible parts of Uganda and sharing with them, my Africa and all that it has to offer.   As a perfectionist, I like to be the best and to  provide my friends with the  greatest  and most  exciting experience  possible.  Africa and Uganda are    more than   the incredible   scenery and wildlife,  it is the people and interacting with them, hearing their story and   way of life  that will make your safari meaningful.

Until  very recently,  it was very difficult to travel by Landcruiser to the  major national parks and  regions like Karamoja, my second home. Today, with improvements to the roads, it is now  very possible to  easily move between these incredible parks and regions and see uganda the way I like to show   it.

Paul Sherwen Classis Safari's  combines the best of Uganda and Africa in a truly unique and exciting experience  that  you will talk about for many years to come.  Let us create  a safari for you  that   will want you coming back for more.  Uganda is my home and I invite you to join me  and  visit the country I love and the Karamoja region, where I grew up and  still call home.  For the past 15 years I have  been a part of Bicycles for Humanity with my friend Pat Montani.  In that time we have delivered over 150,000 bicycles to Africa teaching  thousands how to support and maintain bikes.  Empowering the local people and making them a part of our safari's and cultural tours  as well as helping  the people develop sustainable opportunities is  a key to all we do at Sherwen Classic Safari's..  As much as the beauty of  Africa, you will love the experience of interacting and  meeting the  real people of Africa on our  adventures. Our guides and drivers are trained professionals and they will  help make  your   experience even richer and more exciting.

in October of 2017, we launched the  initial Tour ofKaramoja  cycling event in partnership with Kara Tunga Arts and Tours.  This event was a tremendous success and we encourage you to join us  for  the event or make it a part of  a Paul Sherwen Classic Safari this year.  see www.tourofkaramoja.com