8 years ago when we and the Bicycles for Humanity  team     brought 4,000 bicycles to Karamoja,  as the  cattle wars were ending, we knew    that this was  one of the truly incredible places on earth.  What struck us  most was the incredible beauty of the region and  it's people and how important it was to  protect their culture and heritage. 

At that time, there  were no roads in the region, no electricity and  little business's operating, but  you could feel change happening.  We and the people of the region knew that from  this point forward, Karamoja would , Lead Africa Forward  .  This was a big dream and an even bigger goal, but today,  we are well on our way to making this happen.

Karamoja.org is about helping the people develop the skills, solutions and services to lead, not only in Africa but  in a global economy.  High value efficient models win and scale and  with the internet reaching all corners of the planet, mobile technology coming down in price and increasing in power, we  knew that  the opportunity was there to protect the culture, empower the people and   build new and exciting  business's, while   empowering the people to lead.

  The 4000 bicycles became many successful and growing Bicycle Empowerment Centres. We followed  that with the rollout of the iEmpowerment program across the region, allowing all access to better education  and opportunity.  Next Kara-Tunga a cultural tour and arts company was  started,  employing all local people and this is growing like crazy.  With incredible parks like Kidepo in the region, we started Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's with the simple goal of  bringing the world to this   incredible region and having the local people   show  the world the place  they love and  want to protect.

 Where everyone  saw failure and marginalized people, we saw  incredible opportunity and talent, with  a work ethic and a skillset unmatched in Uganda.  We are now  building a tourism training  school and soon, we will be building and supporting world class internet technologies, all from Karamoja.

Our goal is simple, to show the world what is possible and to  empower the people of Karamoja, to Lead Africa Forward.  Grassroots models do work and  at Karamoja.org, we are incorporating  all we have learned deploying  grassroots models   into a new model of Grassroots Development that engages all who  call Karamoja home and all who care about the region and it's people.