Hi, my name is Paul Sherwen and many of you know me and Phil Liggett as the  voices of the Tour de France in the English speaking world. What many of you might not know is that I grew up in Uganda and still live here and I care deeply about helping the people of Africa and in growing cycling in Africa.  Phil spends a good part of the year living in South Africa and is a patron of Helping Rhino's.  In my youth, I spent a lot of time in  Karamoja, Uganda and helping this region is also very important to me. I am  excited to support  tourism to this region and hopefully in 2017, we  will have our first, Bicycle Tour of Karamoja.  I encourage all of you to visit the  Kara Tunga website and book a tour of this incredible region, you will not be disappointed.

Having been a founder of Bicycles for Humanity, a global grassroots movement that has delivered over 155,000 bicycles to 11 African countries and created over 250 bike shops called Bicycle Empowerment Centres, we have learned a lot about what it takes to build successful programs that can scale in Africa.  In addition we have delivered  over 4000 bicycles to Karamoja and we would like to continue sending bikes to this region and to support cycling as a  sport across all of Africa.

I believe that to move African cycling forward and simultaneously help our communities we must continue to  work responsibly with our communities, cycling clubs globally, professional cyclists and sponsors.

If you are a cycling club in Africa looking to build your team and get the needed bikes, clothing and equipment and help your community then please join me on this journey.

If you are a cycling club in the developed world, looking to get involved in helping  a club in Africa, please join me by becoming a member of Paul's Peloton.

If you are a professional cyclist, past or present wanting to help African Cycling, our program will enable you to get involved. We are also organizing cycling events and safari's with Paul is you or your team is interested, just let us know.

If you are an individual who is inspired to help cycling clubs and the people of Africa with better access to education, healthcare and opportunity we want you in Paul's Peloton.

If you are a  corporation, looking to extend and build your brand in the African marketplace then Paul's Peloton has exceptional marketing potential for you.

It takes a team and teamwork amongst all teams in the Peloton  to win a cycling race. Paul's Peloton is about bringing individuals and teams together to make a difference in communities, to build cycling and to win the race.

If you are  interested in joining us on this journey, the Paul’s Peloton  Adventure, then please fill in the form in the Contact Us section and a member of Paul's Peloton team  will get back to you.


Paul Sherwen