Pat Montani 

​Pat has spent 40 years in  starting and growing technology companies.  His first love is cycling and  wanting to help others, he started Bicycles for Humanity that has since turned into a global grassroots movement  and delivered over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres to 11 African countries with a total of almost 155,000 bicycles.  Pat understood the  power and the value of Education,  Healthcare and Empowerment .  He  founded iEmpowerment to help the people of Karamoja and all of Africa take the next steps to a better life through the  deployment of technology.  Pat  was deeply moved by the  people of Karamoja, their determination  and desire for a better life for all .  He   along with Paul Sherwen have now   created with the simple goal of  working wth the people of Karamoja to not only  grow programs  like  but to  share with all  the incredible power of  learning through the  Ekokwa program. lastly, we hope to  bring the sport of cycling to the region thanks to David Kinjah and the incredible Safari Simbaz team.

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Paul Sherwen 

Many of you know Paul as the voice of the Tour De France, what you might not know is that Paul grew up in Eastern Uganda and spent his summers in Karamoja.  Paul  cares deeply  for the people and with his  strong African business background and skills, he is an integral part of our  Bicycles for Humanity and Karamoja  team's.  Next to cycling  Karamoja is  Paul's first love and in the coming years, Paul hopes to  lead tours  and cycling events to Karamoja to share this incredible region with others.


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When  Thian Hundert and I first visited Karamoja, we knew that the only way we could succeed was to build strong relationships with the local people, make them a part of the program and allow them to implement the program how they felt  best.  Being a volunteer  movement, we had learned the power of letting go and  trusting that  we would find others that  shared our vision, dreams and aspirations. This model has worked incredibly well  for  us at B4H, and we believed it would work well  grow new cycling programs in the region and in East Africa with the Safari Simba.  The  initial success with the bike program has now  given us a platform and a very strong team in the  region capable of supporting the rollout  of the iEmpowerment Program  and to provide  valuable, sales, support , training and implementation services. Having proved in both a model to grow   bikes and now  education, healthcare and opportunity for  the people, we have decided to  focus in and join those in Karamoja  who are  growing  new business's  in  Karamojong.  We hope you join Paul, Monty, and I on this incredible journey, hand in hand with the incredible  people of Karamoja.