African Cycling  Development Kit

 Today, Bicycles for Humanity  sends  500 bicycles, mostly mountain bikes  in containers   and the  container becomes a workshop.  Since we started  we have over 15 riders that have gone on to become  country champions or   professional bike racers.   There are incredible teams like  the Safari Simbaz  founded by David Kinjah  that have done an incredible job,   Chris Froome, current  4 time  Tour de France winner started his cycling career as a Safari Simbaz. David's team and many others struggles to get good equipment for their riders.

Everyone who  rides road and high end mountain bikes has old gear,  bikes,  shoes, helmets, clothing etc. and they  do not know what to do with it.  We have come up with a model that allows about 15 bikes to be  taken apart and stacked on a standard  size pallet and wrapped in cardboard, we call an African Cycling Development Kit.

​Best of all, this pallet can now be easily shipped anywhere in Africa for about $750, imagine sponsoring a whole team for   such a small amount and now you get to follow  and mentor them if you want. 

If you are an individual,  team, corporation and you really want to make a difference and stand out  in the social media world, we encourage you to sponsor  a cycling team in Africa.  We have many teams    who   are super keen to develop young riders like David and   they understand  responsibility and accountability to those that support them.  Pauls Peloton has members that   produce cycling clothing sand we are more than happy to create a great cycling jersey for  your new team and with your shipment, deliver  to you 20 new custom cycling jerseys  for an extra $750.  Imagine sponsoring an entire team, with  your   own custom jersey or complete kit.  With your new team social media savvy, imagine the  impact as your  team helps tell  your story.

​We believe this program is ideal for  all cycling clubs and for  cycling product companies that want to truly make a difference and gain tremendous social exposure that can be reposted and retweeted, every time  one of your team rides or wins a race.

​We are also happy to add 25 iEmpowerment virtual schools to this package, and  for the small price  of $2000, you , your team and company will be changing the world in a very positive way and   your new partners will support you, helping you achieve your  respective goals.