Cycling at the professional level can barely attract sponsorship,  with the Tour De France elite teams taking over 85% of all sponsor revenue.  For Continental and Semi professional Clubs in Europe and North America  it is very difficult to attract the monies needed to compete.  With cycling as a sport booming in Africa with the success of Team Rwanda and  Dimension Data's  Quebeka this year we will only see an  explosion of cycling in Africa.    At the club level in Africa, every team struggles to find any money or sponsorship at all.  We recognize this and at Paul's Peloton, we have created a value added, responsible approach to helping these teams get going. We believe the . grassroots approach that David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz is the right model and we  are encouraging all  clubs in Africa to begin to follow this model.  Below are the initial clubs we support and are working with now.  We encourage you to join us on this journey adapt or sponsor a team and start a chapter of Bicycles for Humanity to help get bikes to these athletes and communities in need.