12 years ago along with my friend Paul Sherwen, we decided to help the people of Africa with the gift of mobility  a bicycle provides.  All my life I have tried to help the  people of Africa  by providing  the skills and tools needed to get the  job done.  In my wildest dreams did I ever realize that we  along with the incredible Bicycles for Humanity global team would deliver 155,000 bicycles to 11 African countries, while  helping train the  local community members to manage and support over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres.  This incredible journey taught us  a lot about the will of the people and that by helping provide the  skills to get the job done, a lot of  good would  flow.

We are especially proud of the 4500 bikes we have delivered to Karamoja and we hope to continue  this program in this incredible region. In 2017, we are looking forward to hopefully having our first bike  adventure with the Tour of  Karamoja.  Karamoja is a must visit  destination, you will  be amazed and fall in love with the incredible people of the region.  check out  Kara Tunga for  more more  Karamajong Adventures.

As a professional cyclist and now the voice of the  Tour de France along with Phil Liggett, we have always dreamed of an all African team in the  Tour de France.  Supporting the Safari Simbaz and  other teams that follow the model David Kinjah is developing . will benefit all   in Africa and I encourage you to join us on this journeys well..  It is our  dream of having the terrific Safari Simbaz  cycling program and events  grow in Karamoja.

Together we got 155,000 bicycles to Africa, but  hundreds of thousands more are needed.  As cycling grows as a sport,   many will require race bikes in addition to the mountain bikes  the chapters deliver.  We are determined to bring the  Bicycles for Humanity templates and model to the  cycling community of Africa, through the Safari Simbaz and David Kinjah's unique program.. We believe that by reaching out to bike shops and clubs globally, many more  will join the  B4H movement,  continue to adapt clubs and communities and together, provide the gift of mobility a bicycle can deliver to many more in Africa.  If you are interested in joining  David, Paul and I to help grow cycling in East Africa and to  assist in getting more bikes to Kenya and Karamoja, please email me, pat@bicycles-for-humanity.org