"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can 
change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

"In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete.That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called." ~ Buckminster Fuller ~

Common Sense Capacity Building or Community Development

I guess the term in the development business  is Capacity Building/Community Development, but to us, with no money, we had to engage  volunteers  and  creative ways  to use technology to assist us in helping  scale  programs, Common Sense became a key ingredient in our model.

We learned 3 very valuable lessons

1.  If you engage  the inspired community members  and they buy into a plan where the local people   take charge and are empowered to succeed, they will join in and help make the program a success.

2.  Capacity building is great , but   we believe that helping the people  market, sell, write  orders, and deliver   what  they promised was equally important and we turned to technology to assist us   to    help  them  market and sell their products and services globally, back filling  training once we had the business.

3.  We live in an internet cloud world, major corporations take advantage of the cloud every day and so we   brought the cloud to the people in a way, that they can   gain strength and added value inorder to create opportunity. Karamoja.org works with local  entrepreneurs and community leaders  to  both help them as well as  help them create opportunity for thier services globally. We follow a model of inflating clouds,  or helping all we work with to achieve their respective goals.  Our core CE services, we sell globally, can also be used to  help any company or organization in Africa who wants to make money be successful.

Our first partner company Kara-Tunga is doing incredibly well and   growing   at an incredible pace.  With Theo and the team at Kara-Tunga   in control, it was important to  help a technology service company  get started and become the second world class company started in Karamoja. The Cloud Empowerment platform and services  are now  being  sold globally and helping many companies be successful.  We  simply believe that if our  partners win and are successful, so will we be,

What has been great is that over the last 15 years, we have deployed our Common Sense  Capacity Building strategies, it works and with the Cloud Empowerment  skill set and services,  we can help any company or organizations  no matter where they are globally be successful.

 With mobility a key to a better life  and 10 million bikes being thrown away in the developed world, getting   containers of bikes and allowing the people to create an economy around mobility made sense and today, Bicycles for Humanity is the largest grassroots movement globally, empowering  tens of thousands with  a new model.  In the last 15 years  our  grassroots volunteer team has delivered over 190,000 bicycles to 18  African countries, and they  literally work with  thousands who want to make a difference in these countries. This program continues to grow to this day , driven by the simple believe that everyone wants to be a part of change in a positive way . 

No books in schools, few teachers being paid,  a slow  and expensive internet,  meant that few students would ever get the books, knowledge and information needed to get ahead. Again, instead of building more bricks and mortar schools with  no money for books or teachers, why not  put  an entire education and healthcare solution on a memory stick and allow all to  freely copy it and give it away or  add a wifi router and share it  freely with thousands who have a phone, tablet or computer at zero cost.  Again, it was Common Sense Capacity Building, that  has inspired  thousands to continue this and today, we are the largest at delivering health and education information in Africa, all with no staff or overhead, just inspired volunteers.

Today we are deploying the Cloud Empowerment CE Hubs across the region, plus using the CE Folder and data collection platform to virally spread information and tools to all in the region.

As the internet grows across Africa and  it's speed  continues to increase as pricing comes down, we are  seeing an explosion of  low cost Android Smart Phones.   Once again, anyone  inspired to create positive change can do so and with the programs resident in the cloud, there is no cost to scaling these programs or the accreditation that goes with it. The  iEmpowerment program has been folded into Cloud Empowerment and  our memory stick has taken on an entirely new life with our CE Hub  product being rolled out across all of Karamoja.

When we first brought  bicycles to  Karamoja,  we not only saw the need for mobility to create a better life, but we saw an incredible tourism opportunity.  Cycling as a sport, especially mountain biking was growing globally and riders were looking for the best places to ride.  The terrain of Karamoja was world class and so we started the Tour of Karamoja, that this year became the  largest cycling event in Ugandan history.   We also taught the local Tepeth people to build  mountain bike trails and with the  event on their traditional grounds a  huge success, Ride Karamoja was formed and all riders who come to the region will pay the Tepeth for the privilege to ride their lands.  This creates new opportunities for trail builders and guides who will be paid, and around it a new tourism  economy for Karamoja.  A mountain bike  association has been formed and now groups  globally will begin to send bikes and support  gear to  help build this new  venture that   helps protect the lands and the heritage of the people, yet gives them a new revenue generating opportunity and path to hope and a better life.  Again, we  call this Common Sense Capacity Building, inspired local people, volunteers that  believe and the effective use of technology to tell the story and   reach out to customers.

All NGO's try   to figure out how to build solutions that allow them to collect valuable data in  a number of subject areas.  Building one off  solutions  is expensive to both build and maintain, plus it takes specialized people from outside to manage these collection systems.   In today's   internet cloud environment, it is very easy to build collection apps that can be used for any collection  activity and managed by local people.  Our common sense view of data collection is simply, why build a new system, when you can hire a local person who has the skills and the  technology platform in place to get the data you need, all at a fraction of the cost of building a one off system.  We think that this common sense approach to data collection  and it will scale globally, driven by inspired individuals seeking a better life.

Every day we see local people being trained in the skills to grow things, make things or to work in an industry like tourism.  We see these people go back to their  villages full of hope for a better life, yet , no idea how to make it happen.  At Kara-Tunga, Theo realized that selling, getting tour operators to book his  lodge  was most important and so, he    built an internet platform , with search optimization  that would attract people to us.   This worked and he  carried it over to the Tour of Karamoja, selling honey and it is now a foundation piece of our Common Sense Capacity Building model. Now every person trained, who wants to start a tourism activity, he  will add them to their  portal, highlight their services, handle the booking for them, arrange money transfer and allow their clients to provide feedback for others to review and make their decisions on.  Like the Ekokwa program for data collection , we feel that this program will create a new  set of skills needed in the region  to manage orders, clients and bookings and  together, the tourism portal and the new skill sets become   solutions that we can export from  Karamoja to all of Africa and the world.

Common Sense Capacity Building is  who we are  and it is what we are deploying in Karamoja and have been in Africa for 15 years.  Our goal at Karamoja.org with the local people is extending these new services and skills  first in Karamoja and  then to the world. We at Cloud Empowerment are incredibly keen to not only deliver world class services, but  also to help our partners globally in the developed and the developing world do the same.