The iEmpowerment program was originally delivered to  the Karamojong and then to   12 African countries with  thousands of installs  through the use of a 64 Gig memory stick.  this stick is  readily available to copy to your hard drive form many in Karamoja and across all of Africa.  Please visit the  iEmpowerment site to gain a better understanding of all the    content that is on this stick.  Video files are large and difficult to download over the internet in Africa, because of the slow speeds and the high cost.

With a great deal of the  content being very useful, especially in the area of Community Health, we decided to take the very best content and  sort it by category and  load it into the Resources-Ekokwa  link with a directory to  help you identify the various  programs.

Please feel free to share this  resource and to  tell others that it is available  for free.