The Ekokwa  Program and Sharing Knowledge

The Karamoja Ekokwa program is available to  everyone globally.  it is a resource we  plan on using in Karmoja, plus we hope you use it to help grow your business or opportunity.

The Karamojong of NE Uganda have survived for   thousands of years, and a very simple model of knowledge sharing and skills transfer.  With Covid   bringing much of the economy to a halt, and with opportunity dwindling for the local people, we decided that bringing the old way of   sharing back, but this time using a web based  platform that allows all to work  together , locally and globally, that  we could not only solve  problems locally, but share out model with   many   others globally.

We call this new program, Karamoja  Ekokwa Cloud, the paragraph below will help  you to better understand  it and the link to the right will provide you access to the Ekokwa Cloud.

Ekoi is detailed local   information  or knowledge  gathered and spoken between people  when they meet.

Ekokwa  are community meetings held  at random, usually early in the morning before people go and tend to the crops and the animals, generally in the village or around a kraall or cattle camp.
When a problem cannot  be resolved  at  this level, the elders and  the more knowledgeable  call an Akiriket or a more formal meeting to discuss the matter and   resolve the issue.
This simple process of Ekoi, gathering, Ekowa, sharing and  Akiriket, adding further knowledge and wisdom works and it is a  process that we believe  can solve many of the  developing world’s problems and we hope to play our role in helping others.  Please visit the  Resource's link to  view and download the  program of very valuable   educational, healthcare and other valuable content and resources.