Friends of  Karamoja

As  Karamoja  moves form an isolated, society, to one that will lead Africa Forward, it will take many   partnerships and  people who care about  Karamoja to come together  with the  Karamojong  and together  not only make a difference, but show the path forward for many in Africa and the developing world.

Bicycles for Humanity as well las iEmpowerment which Pau land I are founding members of, have always been friends of Karamoja.  With our interest in cycling, David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz has joined us on this journey.

 Within Karamoja, Theo and the team at Kara-Tunga    have created a world class  cultural Tour and Travel Company focused on  Karamoja.  We are really at the beginning of an incredible journey and     created of change for the better.

If you and you program want to join us on this journey, we welcome  everyone and all will be highlighted in the Friends of Karamoja directory