Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett

Many of you know  Paul and Phil as the   voice of cycling in the English Speaking world  through their incredible  broadcasts of the Tour de France and other major races for over 25 years.  Cycling, promoting and building cycling in Africa  is very important to both of them.  What you might not know is that both also care deeply about the  environment and the  wildlife  of Africa.

Paul is the Chairman of the Ugandan Conservation Foundation    and Phil is the Special Patron of Helping Rhinos   and they give a tremendous amount of their time to these cause's

The iEmpowerment program delivered to all in Africa by the  cyclists  through the distribution of the Memory Sticks  contains a tremendous amount of education and hands on skills to help the locals not only  protect  the wildlife, but also create   opportunities  in their local communities.   In the past we have provided bicycles to park rangers and wardens to assist  in the protection of parks, now we are deploying technology in partnership with Paul and Phil to help them and all in Africa take it one step further.