High Value Efficient  Models, the foundation to Common Sense Capacity Building

A friend of mine, Francis McInerney,   in 2000 wrote  a great book, Future Wealth, Investing in the Second Great Wave of Technology  The book was primarily written for the  developed world,  but the simple rules  Francis laid out, got me thinking.  What if we applied these rule to the  developing world , what would happen. We knew that the most efficient model was a pure grassroots  model.  We started Bicycles for Humanity  and iEmpowerment , both were   based on these simple rules and all we have done since then, follow  the rules Francis laid out. Both these organizations  scaled to   be one the largest globally and   we believe that  by following  the rules and  having the right NGO and Funding partners anything is possible.

The  rules developed by Francis in Future Wealth are  very simple and easy to understand.

Internet   and computer chips will continue to increase in speed, and   technology will continue to shrink in size.

Devices connected to the internet in remote places like Karamoja have the same power as devices connected in  major cities.

High value  efficient organizations   win and disrupt inefficient  organizations.

Organizations are either Lead Balls,  lots of overhead and tough to move in new direction, or like Soccer Balls, light and easy  to move.

It is important to inflate the clouds of opportunity around you, this gives lift to  yours as wells others and it  attracts more people  and value to the  program.

These simple rules work and  we at Karamoja.org ,   are implementing them at a very rapid pace  with incredible success. Once ahead of the curve,    we realize that the opportunity to create  further value for the people is so enormous, that  we decided with the local people to   take this lead even further and  launch   Karamoja.org  and believe that it will Lead Africa Forward,  to drive value in Karamoja and then  export services and skills to other parts of Africa.

 Francis recently,     began creating new models that  ride on top of his existing rules,  simple things like  being an isolated cloud or organization in today's world is a very dangerous place to be.   Key is having your cloud  inflate and connect with other clouds, giving lift to all clouds or organizations .  Most NGO's and Lead Ball  organizations think of the world being just their cloud and the notion  that they have a responsibility to inflate other clouds is not even on their radar.

In Karamoja, we understand our traditional way of life and  we work  hard to protect it.  We also understand and recognize  a new way of life, driven be an expanding  internet and  the notion of higher value opportunities and relationships. It is from this position that we drive forward on many fronts, inflating clouds and organization all around us, while growing local  business's that are   capable of competing  and delivering services to a world class audience.

Leadership is more than just making it all happen, it is about sharing what we have learned with others in the hope that    they can create opportunity and hope for their people.   The Bicycles for Humanity program scaled on this simple set of rules and it scaled in Karamoja.  iEmpowerment built for Karamoja has now scaled across all of Africa and   keeps growing and in Karamoja, we are taking this program even further.  Our tourism programs started in Karamoja, Kara-Tunga and  the Tour of Karamoja  follow this model, and they wil scale as will al the other program we are involved in.

High Value Efficient Models  work and as we continue to   develop and implement them in Karamoja.org  we open      even greater opportunity for our people and all who care about  making a difference and new models of development.

This mindset of value add and making a difference, extends through all we do.  Kara Tunga, our tours,  new lodge and all staff understand  the power of value add  and making a difference.  We simple extended this philosophy into all we do,  and we know it will create a great experience for our clients.