Karamoja.org's   goals are very simple, to empower the people of  the region and help all to a better life, while protecting the culture and the environment. We invite everyone  globally to join our  new Karamoja Ekokwa Cloud and begin netowrkign and sharing ideas with all globally.  We also invite you to add your friends, your mentors and anyone who you know wants to make a difference and help others.


1.   Use technology and new cloud services to expand the reach and opportunity  for all in Karamoja and then  help the groups export  value added  services to the world.
2.  Implement and then export Common Sense Capacity Building to all of Africa.
3.  Honor the legacy of Paul Sherwen, while empowering the people of the region. 
4. Help the people  protect the beauty of the region.
5. Help  the people protect the   heritage and culture of the region.
6. Help create opportunity for all the people  with new skills and services.



Our vision is  simple, Karamoja, will, Lead Africa Forward.     When  we came to the region, it was after the cattle wars and  guns were being taken away.  There were  literally no roads, no electricity and no real economy to speak of.  What was there were  incredible people, an incredible culture   spread across a land of incredible beauty.  Immediately Paul and I  kn
ew that this was our  home and this was the one place in all of Africa where the greatest change would happen.

Karamoja.org is about helping all in the region gain access to opportunity, a better  life, jobs and hope for their future and  that of their culture.  We live in a globally connected internet world and  the  expansion of internet  cloud technology  positioned properly gives  developing communities like Karamoja an incredible  lift up and advantage.  Our track record in business, in starting and growing  globaly successful grassroots organizations  plus the business's that we helped start  in Karamoja, place us in a very unique  position and one where we feel  we can help all to achieve thier goals. With our  new Ekokwa Platform, we  hope to  allow everyone to be life long learners, team players, while   creating many new opportunities for everyone.


At that time, there  were no roads in the region, no electricity and  few  business's operating, but  you could feel change happening.  We and the people of the region knew that from  this point forward, Karamoja would , Lead Africa Forward  .  This was a big dream and an even bigger goal, but today,  we are well on our way to helping make  this happen.


High value efficient models win, scale and  with the internet reaching all corners of the planet, mobile technology coming down in price and increasing in power, we  knew that  the opportunity was there to protect the culture, empower the people and   build new and exciting  business's, while   empowering the people to lead.


The 4500 bicycles became many successful and growing Bicycle Empowerment Centres. We followed  that with the rollout of the iEmpowerment, free education for all,  program across the region, allowing all access to better education  and opportunity.  Next we helped  Kara-Tunga a cultural tour and arts company grow,  and then,  the Tour of Karamoja,  Being from the  technology world, we knew that a bicycle and a smart phone were gamechangers and  so we founded Cloud Empowerment to deliver solutions globally empowering  tens of millions of the world's poorest with better access to education, healthcare and opporunity. We are most proud of the fact that Cloud Empowerment is a Karamojong Company founded by local Karamojong.


Where everyone  saw failure and marginalized people, Paul and I  saw  incredible opportunity and talent, with  a work ethic and a skill set unmatched in Uganda or Africa.   We all understand the term Capacity Building, we just added Common Sense in front of that and   our creative model of development took hold and has become incredibly successful. Our new Ekokwa Platform is aimed at  bringing us all together  and  through education , mentoring  and  knowledge  and skills sharing, together change Karamoja and all of Africa.


Our goal is simple, to  help show the world what is possible and to  empower the people of Karamoja, to, Lead Africa Forward, bringing their  skills and services to all globally.  Common Sense  models do work and  at Karamoja.org, we are incorporating  all we have learned , deploying  a new model of Common Sense  Community  Development that engages all who  call Karamoja home and all who care about the region, it's people and the incredible opportunities to do good  and to build  business in partnership with the local people.


In December of 2018, our friend Paul Sherwen passed away, but his memory will never be forgotten.  Giz, Alfred, I and the  expanding team around Karamoja.org hope to keep  Paul's memory alive   through carrying on the work he believed  in so passionatly.


This is only the start,  success breeds success and our vision at Karamoja.org and that of our partners is  to  bring this unique and powerful brand of  grassroots community to the world.  Everyone  who wants to be a part of this journey is welcome, to find out more, please contact pat@karamoja.org