Next to mobility , access to  education, healthcare and opportunity are key to all people in the developing world.   Schools  in Africa  lack books and teachers have very few skills,  with many  not being paid, only given a small plot of land.

 This makes it very difficult for  bright   students to gain access to books and learning material on subjects.  In the developed world, we have libraries and   incredible resources online,  and anyone with high speed internet can access them.  In the developing world,, high speed internet is non existent in rural areas and very expensive in major communities.

When governments impose high tax's we met  with our Bicycle Empowerment Teams and  discussed   other possible solutions and came up with the iEmpowerment  memory stick and our SEC Skills Empowerment Centre model.  Our 64 gig memory   stick contains thousands of hours of  HD video, plus tens of thousands of books and it can be copied and shared globally with anyone.  If installed on a computer  with a wifi router, it can broadcast free of charge and now anyone can watch video's or download books. Please see the PDF overview on the right for more information.

The  64 gig memory sticks cost around $20 US, and for  orders of 100, we will add your  name on the stick and on the home page, giving you   an  incredible ability to not only do good, but to  keep extending your name and brand globally.   From a social media perspective,  the program is pure  gold, , image 100 virtual schools, libraries  traveling the world,  being shared and  viewed by millions globally all for a total investment of $2000