Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's is delighted to be partnered with Kara Tunga Arts and Tours   to provide you with  an incredible experience and   safari, you will  not forget.  Please take the time to visit or  contact us about  planning your next safari. The cultural experience coupled with the  incredible wildlife you will see and meeting the people of this region will insire you  to come  again bringing your friends to one of the most beautiful and remote parts of Africa.

Unique Wildlife

The three  most remote  Game Reserves in the east and Kidepo Valley National Park in the extreme northeast of Uganda offer visitors some of the most stunning sceneries of any protected area in Uganda and harbour a number of animals found nowhere else in Uganda.

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Untouched Culture

The Karamojong are nomadic agro-pastoralists, known for their love of cattle and their resistance to the trappings of modern civilisation. They consist of numerous tribes and clans that due to their strong believes have been able to preserve their ancestral cultural heritage.

Untamed Wilderness

Karamoja's rolling grasslands are a reminder of a typical African savannah. Across an expanse of two hundred thousand acres, the region boasts a wealth of natural resources as mountain ranges, wetlands, sharp rocks and bushes.Type your paragraph here.

Karamoja Tours Specialist

Theo Vos and the  team at Kara-tunga have done an incredible job launching a cultural tourism business in the N$ corner of Uganda.  We are delighted to be a part of this with Theo and our Paul Sherwen  Safari program includes the  karamoja programs developed by Theo and his team.

Karamoja is a region of cultural authenticity and adventure in its purest form. The perfect mix for a once in a lifetime adventure full of surprises and rich encounters with nature, wildlifeand local people. We aim at preserving this ancestral cultural heritage through community tourism and indigenous arts. Building a new business takes time and  as it grows, we hope to expand  the program offerings across all of Karamoja and one day have a series of  cycling related programs  and events.