The founders of the Karamoja.org believed that a bicycle and a smart phone are the game changers  for all in the developing world.  8 years ago, we brought 4500 bicycles,  to Karamoja, kickstarting the economy in many regions, while training  many to  build service and support business’s around bikes. 

With the lack of books in schools, we brought the iEmpowerment program, a turnkey education and healthcare program on a memory stick that can be freely delivered and shared  with anyone.  Our roots   were in technology  and bicycles  and they always will be.

Paul  and I also come  from strong backgrounds in  technology, internet, sales  ,marketing  and how to successful deploy and run logistics companies in Africa.  These unique skills sets together with  the skills of the people, create an entirely new model of development and opportunity creation. 

We call this Common Sense Capacity Building,  a model that engages all who want to be a part of change and encourages all to participate how it best makes sense to them.

This was the start of the journey, soon a business focused   activities in the region, www.kara-tunga.com, then  a cycling event  to bring the world to the region followed by a new tented safari lodge started the ball rolling.  One bike event, lead to  a much larger  cycling event and a mountain bike park   was built on the   lands of the Tepeth  people.  Where everyone saw despair and hopelessness, we saw  incredible beauty and opportunity and went about  making it happen.  Next  a tourism training centre, and  recently a computer, internet and servives business, Cloud Empowerment, has opened, owned and operated by Alfred Mhuoht,   born and raised in Karamoja.  As we grew we started  attracting interest in our model and how it fit into the development model and  the developing world.

The talent was there,  the support from major donors and  NGO's was there, what was needed was a new model, one that was grounded in selling and capacity building, one that understood how to gain lift in an internet world and one that had the skills to support and encourage the local to take positive steps forward.

Our Model

Our roots are in mobility with bicycles  and  technology, with the  founders having built a number of  world class companies in this space.   We believe that in order    to grow, one has to be  able to use the  expanding internet to both attract business and to provide services to others.  This allows us to create  great opportunity for our people  at home to showcase thier region and culture and to  export and support services abroad, creating even further  opportunity.   To us the internet is a series of business's and  clouds  of technology and our goal is to help all the clouds expand  and  by giving lift to all, we give lift to ourselves.  I know it sounds crazy, but it actually works and we have 100% of these systems  and relationships in place and with our experience, we can easily help Karamoja and  other communities be successful with Common Sense Capacity Building and how  with relationships with volunteer groups, access to  world class technology and a game plan, all developing communities can be  successful. We invite you to join our Karamoja.org  community, to both help Karamoja grow, but more importantly, to  take the learned skills to other communities so that we can  teach and show them how to create empowered communities, capable of   leading in a globally competitive world.