The goal of  Leading Africa Forward Through Cycling  big, but  very achievable, but it will take all of us  on every team focused on  African Cycling working together  to make this happen.   There are  literally thousands of African teams  struggling to get the necessary  equipment, clothing,  parts,  and support to not only field a team, but to be abel to travel to races.  On their  own, these  startup and early stage teams simply do not have the resources to make it happen, nor the reach to tell their story.  It is why we created Paul's Peloton to allow everyone  and every group that is making a difference to be able to gain lift and greater exposure by working together. If we all work together, everyone wins and by working together involving the teams and the people of Africa  and giving them a voice to tell their story, we can hopefully bring all cycling  teams globally and riders to join in and support African cycling.  

The Paul's Peloton Partner program highlights   individuals and groups that are  stepping up and making a huge difference to the lives of so many in Africa  and is helping to build a strong cycling base in Africa.