Pauls Peloton Programs

As a professional cyclist it takes dedication, hard work,  an ability to think outside the box and  sheer determination to  keep going no matter  what.  This work ethic carried into my broadcasting  career and today, Phil  Liggett and I are  recognized globally, as the best in the  game in the English speaking world.  When not broadcasting the last 30 years, I have  been busy back in Africa  running a variety of business's and programs to teach  skills to a new generation of African leaders.

Giving back  and helping those less fortunate    gain a better life is   very important to me.  With my friend Pat Montani, who founded   Bicycles for Humanity, with the goal of providing the  gift of mobility a bicycle can provide to as many as possible. To date, our grassroots movement with no staff or overhead of any kind has delivered over 155,000 bicycles to 13 countries  and   our movement keeps growing.  As governments increased tax's  to ship bikes to Africa and  not having the funds to  cover the increases, we started iEmpowerment with the goal of helping provide better education, healthcare and opportunity for all and today, over 5000 communities  including hundreds  of Community Health Programs have benefited from   this program.

Recently we started Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's to show   people my Africa, my home and why I am so passionate about   it.  Pauls Peloton is the natural  next step  for me in cycling and  in giving back and helping others, while introducing many more to the beauty of Africa and it's people.

With  incredible programs like Bicycles for Humanity   and iEmpowerment in place , proven and operation, these causes may lead to other opportunities to  help you  and your organization, gain greater awareness, exposure and  association with causes that   truly inspire,  make a difference, while providing you with greater exposure and  opportunity to do good globally.