This page highlights some of the ways that you or your  organization can  be associated with Paul, Pauls Peloton and our  great grassroots   programs, Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment.

1 Product Spokesperson

Associate Paul with your company or product to help  increase awareness  and generate new sales and clients.  Under this program,  it can cover everything from Paul being  a part of your marketing campaign in print and online, through to   having Paul do a video  for you, or attending  and  speaking at  functions.   There is no better personality that is known globally in the cycling world and  he has the incredible depth of  knowledge, relationships and  experiences    Paul has had an incredible life in cycling and in doing good  and  he is now keen to help  you build your organization or  provide you and your friends with a memorable experience.

2. Incentive  Programs

​Cyclists and staff  who work for  cycling related companies love   cycling experiences and adventures that are    unique and different.  We are more than happy to arrange   safari's, or bike rides or cycling adventures with you and your  clients, staff and channel partners as incentives    for purchase or performance.  

3. Speaking and Special Appearance

 When broadcasting  cycling, Paul and Phil   have the ability to  entertain and keep you coming back for more of their unique and special broadcasting abilities.  In private settings at dinners, functions or  events, Paul and Phil are even  more entertaining, now  they can share with all, their 30 plus years of cycling and all stories and   events.  Paul's schedule is busy,  but we can arrange speaking  engagements  around his schedule.

​4 Safari's and Cycling Adventures

Paul  is happiest when showing people his Africa or telling stories about cycling.  For many  individuals,  business people who love cycling, talk to us about arranging a cycling trip or safari with Paul anywhere on earth .  We have access to incredible villa's in Italy and the South of France  for cycling adventures and equally at home, arranging trips to Africa.  Paul will only do a few of these unique adventures every year, so if you are interested, please  give us a  call or send us an email.

5 Cycling Camps

With access to many of the most beautiful villa's in Europe and   a  strong relationship with every retired cycling professional, let me and my team pull together  cycling camps that will not only meet the skill level of everyone on the trip, but    will even entertain non riders.  Best of all, at night  we  cook together and share stories.

6 Templated Cause Programs

Efficient models win and key is  to first and foremost  find a way to partner with the local people. next, we productized the program, Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment to  ensure that it was  was  easy to understand and anyone could deploy.  When all can feel  a part of the program and inspired, good things happen.  If you are just interested  in our unique programs, give  us a call.