At  Pauls Peloton  and Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's, we believe that empowering  the locals  as   a part of your safari  or campaign and helping  them  create  sustainable opportunities   that  enrich thier lives and yours is a good thing and the interaction and the closeness  to the people as they  create a better life  for themselves will be the highlight of your  safari.   It is  our ability to  bring you right into the lives of the people of Ugandaand  especially Karamoja that you will remember forever.

Our vision at  Pauls Peloton  and Sherwen Classic Safari's is to always give back, to make a difference and touch lives, bringing people together.  Our iEmpowerment program  contains a wealth of   great material, and for those that  cannot  get it, but have internet access, we have put some of the material up under our Ekokwa program.  We invite you to share  this incredible online  resource and share it with  all in Africa.   When technology comes together with a rich cultural background,  good will  flow to many.   The Community Health Programs contained in this  Library, plus the other material is world class and free for all forever.

The Karamojong of North Eastern Uganda are a very proud and honourable  society of pastoralists, related to the  Turkana  and Masai in Kenya, the Jiya and Toposa  in the South Sudan and the Dodah, Iteso and Jie in Uganda..  All these people  are  part of the  Niolic tribes that moved  from Ethiopia. Known as the Teso or Karamojong Cluster, the name translates to, “The old man that would walk no further”  Their history is  not written down and all information is passed  through world of mouth.  To survive in  a very hostile environment, the Karamojong had to develop a model of communications that allowed all to participate , share and  make decisions in an organized fashion.

Their simple model applied to an internet connected world can  help solve many of the problems we face related to security, animal protection, agriculture, civil and  health related efforts, not only in this region, but globally. The resource  link contains  valuable   information and content that can be used by all and by following the  Ekokwa model, we hope to share this knowledge with everyone in Africa.

The iEmpowerment program was originally delivered to  the Karamojong and then to   12 African countries with  thousands of installs  through the use of a 64 Gig memory stick.  This stick is  readily available to copy to your hard drive from  many in Karamoja and across all of Africa.  Please visit the  iEmpowerment site to gain a better understanding of all the    content that is on this stick.  Video files are large and difficult to download over the internet in Africa, because of the slow speeds and the high cost.

With a great deal of the  content being very useful, especially in the area of Community Health, we decided to take the very best content and  sort it by category and  load it into the Resources-Ekokwa  link with a directory to  help you identify the various  programs.

The Ekokwa  Program and Sharing Knowledge

Ekoi is detailed local   information  or knowledge  gathered and spoken between people  when they meet.

Ekokwa  are community meetings held  at random, usually early in the morning before people go and tend to the crops and the animals, generally in the village or around a kraall or cattle camp.
When a problem cannot  be resolved  at  this level, the elders and  the more knowledgeable  call an Akiriket or a more formal meeting to discuss the matter and   resolve the issue.
This simple process of Ekoi, gathering, Ekowa, sharing and  Akiriket, adding further knowledge and wisdom works and it is a  process that we believe  can solve many of the  developing world’s problems and we hope to play our role in helping others.

Pat and I  are the founders of the iEmpowerment program that has helped thousands of communities with the distribution of the memory sticks loaded with terrific content.  Much of that   content is in Pdf format and easily distributed by anyone  in Pdf format  over the internet.  it is our goal to build the   world's best resource library in PDF format to be shared with  all in Africa.  Please visit the  Resource's link to  view and download the  program of very valuable   educational, healthcare and other valuable content and resources.


 Resource Program , The Ekokwa Library