Creating models of empowerment that benefit all is the future of development and the team at understand this  as well as our responsibility to donors.  Rotary is one of the  world's great organizations for doing good.  Rotary is made up of about 1.3 million members  spread across about 31,000 Rotary clubs globally. Rotary  follows a Grassroots Model of Development,  with volunteers globally connecting with community leaders and together trying to  create positive change.

​We in Karamoja recognize this and  we are keen to bring our new model together  other efficient models.

All Rotary  clubs  focus on local and international projects  covering a wide assortment of projects and initiatives.  Key to Rotary is having  great partners on the  developing world side that are capable of meeting the high standards set by Rotary for  managing and accounting for  Global and District Grants.  The people of Karamoja believe that if we can meet  the high standards of Rotary, than many   Rotarians and their clubs will want to partner with us,  and our Accountable Grassroots Model of Development.  

 Today, there are no Rotary clubs in Karamoja, but that is about to change. Joel Okalany, thePresident of the Rotary Club of Soroti, grew up in Karamoja and spent a great deal of his life  working as a veterinarian in the region.  Pat Montani, the Founder of Bicycles for Humanity, iEmpowermentand  a member of the  team is also a  Rotarian with the  Rotary Club of Pemberton in Canada .

 Recently Joel and Pat  discussed helping   create and charter 4 new Rotary Clubs in Karamoja and the  first  2 clubs will be  created in 2018 with 2 additional ones in 2019.  

We believe that if  all the Karamoja  clubs  work closely together with each other  and  with  the Soroti and the Pemberton clubs respectively,  we can build a   team focused on the region and on meeting all of  thehigh  standards and benchmarks  set out by Rotary. Our goal is simple, to be the  very best possible partner for Rotary clubs in the   developed world to work with and implement programs.

 We also encourage  Rotarians   globallyto  begin  talking with each of us to     begindiscussing  ideasof projects needed for the region.  If you are a Rotarian  and you are interested in helping us  deliver and deploy a new model of accountability and empowerment  within Rotary, following the high standards  of Rotary, please contact me,