In the 15 years since  we started Bicycles for Humanity and iEmpowerment, we have never met a person who has dedicated their life more to the sport of cycling  and helping the youth of Kenya.  David Kinjah, is not only a  world class cyclist,  a coach with extraordinary  skills,  but he is also a person of vision and humility.

David also see's clearly how  bringing  his  program together  with a new model of education, opportunity and empowerment  can benefit all and lead Africa forward on many fronts.  Paul and I are inspired to join David on this journey and we hope you do as well and if you are not sure, please contact David at .

As a cyclist, member of a cycling club or the owner of a cycling shop, there are many things you can do join, Paul, I and David  on the journey.  and if you have your own ideas, great, just let us know.

Organize a Bicycles for Humanity Chapter and send a container of 500 bikes to support the Simbaz.

Collect  road and mountain cycling . clothing, shoes, helmets  and   spare parts and whip them to the Simbaz.

Organize a fundraising event to help cover the costs of  the program and travel for the cycalists.

Invite Paul or David to attend  your  charity event or ride to help raise funds and promote the cause.

Promote the Safari Simbaz  and Paul's Peloton logo's on your uniforms.

Paul and David are also available for special  camps and for personal rides and events.