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Most of our students in this  session are Teachers.Here they are exploring  tha RACHEL programme. They can't wait to see the tablets here and purchase for their own use and for their students

This is  Loum Crinima setting up the SEC  for Training, he heads the project. 
In the Background is one of the students in for extra-time practice and learning of Basic computer Skills for self Empowerment.We are confident of Leading Africa forward Technologically. This is just the Beginning Loum Crimina

The picture above is for one of the Ladies in for the computer Training at Aridland Development Programme. Her name is Awilli Christine. She is so much happy for the computer training and there she is exploring the RACHEL programme. She says the RACHEL is self-contained, it is flexible and she believes its gonna change the lives of many in Africa.Karamoja is known in Uganda for poor performance in the National Examinations and she believes this Skills Empowerment Programme is going to dis-approve that information on peoples minds.