iEmpowerment Overview

iEmpowerment is using it’s B4H experience and its vast technical knowledge to provide a product,  process and local involvement to tackle Africa’s three  biggest issues, Education, Health Care and Opportunity. An expanding internet, economical mobile technology along with empowered and inspired local people are the drivers of iEmpowerment.

 iEmpowerment has already proven, in Karamoja, Uganda, that its bike and education products work and can be delivered and used by the local population. From here we will scale the model across all of Africa, empowering thousands of local leaders and their communities  through  the iEmpowerment and Pauls Peloton  services.

iEmpowerment’s products encompasses a sophisticated health care, agriculture, census  data collection applications and thousands of hours of free HD video and text educational material on subjects ranging from women’s health to general education, skills development and agriculture. The application, which is the kernel of a complete health care revolution and the educational material, is delivered on an inexpensive USB memory stick. The educational material can be viewed on pc’s, broadcast to a projector or viewed over WIFI on any computer, smart phone or tablet.

The health, census and agriculture  application runs on Android tablets locally and the data collected can be merged, over the internet onto secure databases for record keeping, research and doctor/patient interaction.

 The Application is the front end to the exploding world of Bluetooth health care diagnostic devices and the foundation to a complete Telehealth solution that can link all communities. The iEmpowerment product suite meets all of the objectives of the Dalberg Global Development Advisors Report- 2012 and the Millennium Project to train Community Health Care Workers.

 iEmpowerment’s approach is inexpensive and sustainable and will be managed by locals.

 iEmpowerment will provide templated process (emails, presentations and proposals) for locals to sell the product and build new relationships while benefiting their communities.

 iEmpowerment’s goal, like that of B4H’s is to empower the local community leaders and together with visionary global organizations and NGO’s ,efficient mobile technology set about a new efficient Empowered path for all globally, led by the people of the developing world. Efficient models that allow the local people to learn and transfer skills work.