Skills Empowerment Centre

 Our  Common Sense Capacity Building,  lead us to create a new program, that rewards  young riders  road or mountain bike who want to  improve their cycling skills and  become community champions with a new model, where the club partners with a  club, store or group in the developed world and a pallet containing  10 bikes plus gear is sent.   Again, responsible community members in Africa will drive  a new m model of volunteer empowerment, and together positive change is created

‚ÄčAt our core, we have always believed that a  bicycle and  a smart phone are the game changers for all in the developing world. Over there years we have  implemented the iEmpowerment program with many of our BEC's in Africa but now  with the SEC, or Skills Empowerment Program, we hope to take empowerment to an entirely new level.

Over the years, many of our best bikes we shipped ended up in  shared pools and were used as a community resource to be used by all.  To  gain access to a bike, youth had to  do community projects, they had to stay in school and they needed to show leadership skills in their respective communities.   We have seen this model flourish  with road, mountain and bmx bikes, where pump tracks were created.

We thought the idea of a shared resource where individuals become  community champions was so good, that we decided to make it a formal product in honour of our friend and a founding member of the Bicycles for Humanity Team, Paul Sherwen, who  passed away in November of 2018

The ideas of the SEC, or Skills Empowerment Centre is  really simple and empowering on many levels.

Once a team, cycling club, road or mountain, or   a community leader wants to create a Pump track and has taken the  related courses and  they have signed on to be great community leaders, than we find a partner club or business for that group.

For the  team or chapter here, they are not only providing 10 to 15 higher quality  road, mountain or bmx bikes, plus al related equipment to  equip the entire team, but they are  playing a part in building  real community  champions and great riders  that everyone ca nee proud of.

How it  Works

Finding space for  a 40 foot container and   500 bikes, is a real challenge for many to organize.  The SEC model which packs about 10 to 15 high quality bikes, plus related shoes, helmets, clothing, pedals, spare tools etc onto a pallet is much more efficient to ship  anywhere globally for  about $500 to $750 from any location to Africa.  Every rider, road or mountain has great old equipment, that full suspension 26 inch mountain bike, or the old titanium road bike now that you have a carbon bike, is great for the Sec program, but not much value to you anymore.  Now your old bike and gear, not only builds   a new generation of riders, but more importantly, it builds champions we can all be  proud of.

ocial Media

The  team receiving the SEC, will as a part of their agreement create a Facebook site to tell their story of the bikes and the difference they made to their lives and those in their community. We  also encourage you to tape your email address on the frame, so that the team can send you updates as to the journey of your bike.  

Lets get Started

We think the SEC program is  terrific for any individual who wants to make a difference, but it is really ideas for a bike shop or cycling club to adapt a community and team in Africa. Now your members and  clients can follow the progress of your team and the good they are doing.