The  Way

Our background delivering 250,000 bicycles to 17 African countries taught us a lot about empowerment and how to best engage the local people.  iEmpowerment a turnkey education and healthcare program delivered on a memory stick, proved in many of our ideas on capacity building, that our focus on  sales and marketing, on templating and empowering others and using the internet and new cloud based solutions   When we started, the  Tour of Karamoja, a new IT service company and  as they all became  successful, we realized worked and were key to developing  new economies and  opportunities in the developing world.

To do this, meant a shift in thinking, it   meant that instead of outsiders  leading the path forward , local people  would  take that  responsibility to  teach, train and implement programs, employing local people and inspiring others to do  the same. With leadership within the region,  they could now empower all who  visited the region to join them  in delivering a new model of empowerment to the people. We have  implemented this across all of our tourism programs and  we are proud to say that we are 100% owned and operated by local Karamojong community members.  It is our goal in the future to share this new model with all  communities globally and for all  tourists  who join us , we are equally keen to share our model with them.

In a globally connected world,  technology  plays a very important role in delivering  high value services, attracting clients, tourists and opportunity globally, while  taking out the  inefficient layers of bureaucracy and  ineptness. This one shift is the key to development in a global  society, high value efficient models win and in Karamoja, we  simply decided that   we would lead in all aspects of development and in doing so, not only create  a new model, but in time have a model that we could share  with other developing communities, who wanted  to create a better life and greater opportunity for their people.

Karamoja, Leading Africa  Forward  is  a big goal and one that  we are well on our way to achieving.   The model is very simple, and we  are keen to share it with  all  globally, just as we are keen to share our iEmpowerment program on  the memory stick and on the internet with all globally.  In addition to being a resource for all,, will also be a platform for learning, sharing and exchanging ideas on  a new   Common Sense Capacity Building Model. We are incredible proud to be rolling out the  entire Cloud Empowerment family of products across the region free of charge for all to  learn.

A desire to  change,  partners who  believe that it is possible  all coupled together with technology to help sell and deliver  new  Capacity Building Solutions thst  can scale and be exported is what is all about.