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The team  leadingKaramoja Safari Lodge, Kara Tunga   and Ride Karamoja are all  very successful business owners with  a great deal of experience.  Theo Vos's   mother was born in Karamoja.  It was  the Bicycles for Humanity Program delivering 4,500 bicycles that brought me here and I simply fell in love with the region and it's people. Having people who know the region, understand the local  people and  who are connected at all levels of government and society and who grew up here, with a focus on becoming the perfect partner for you, We believe this is  a dream come true for everyone. Karamoja is the last  truly incredible part of Africa not yet discovered  and a must for anyone who is interested in seeing the best of Africa.

Empowering, training and  helping the people lead a world class tourism program forward, not only inspires us, but it will inspire you and all your clients.

With  safety and security   throughout  the region, better roads, to the area, Kidepo Valley National Park  is now less than a day's drive and  visiting Murchison Park first, then Kidepo Valley National Park, followed by 3 or 4 days of incredible cultural experiences and activities in Karamoja, we know that your clients  will love the region, the interaction with the people and the experience.

For the adventure crowd, why not start with a days rafting on the Nile River followed by hiking or biking  at Sipi Falls on the shoulder of Mt Elgon with our partner, Clark Expeditions or join us for a mountain bike adventure on the slopes of Mt Elgon, Mt Moroto, the Kaboong hills and then Kidepo, or  for those that want to  be a part of the beauty and the culture, a gravel Bike   adventure from Sipi to Kidepo through the heart of the region in fully supported Safari Camps, plus great accomodations  in the towns.

Our deep and successful business experience has taught us that  we cannot be all  things to all people.   To this end, our goal is to  help you, tour operators and  tour packagers create new products, new experiences and new revenue generating opportunities, while showing your clients a new and exciting part of Uganda and East Africa.

 Our goal is to be the best Ground Handler, or  partner to the  tour industry  there is for Karamoja and Kidepo, allowing you to  expand your business and be able to offer your clients a unique and very special experience in North Eastern  Uganda and Karamoja. You will not be disappointed and I know your clients will love the experience. The stunning scenery, Incredible wildlife , once in a life time  adventure  and best of all, an opportunity to  interact with the  people and  to learn a new model of social  responsibility and empowerment if they are interested.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can meet all of your needs and your clients  and  to help you create new and exciting opportunities, please contact us and we would be more than happy to provide you a more detailer  package covering our  services .

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