Karamoja.org is about telling  the   incredible story of the  people and helping locally  owned business's like the Karamoja Safari Lodge and  Kara-Tunga grow, by giving tour operators a strategic partner and a highly skilled ground handler  in the region to help them open up and grow  this  incredible  new  tourism market. Ride Karamoja is  a new  family of  cyclingand outdoor adventures we know everyone will love and another way to  excite your clinets of the beuty and   incredible adventure  in  the region.

We also have 2  low milage fully equipped Safari Vehicles that you or your clients can rent on a per day basis in Kampala ready and capable of meeting the highest demands of your clients for safety, reliability and comfort. Both vehicles are equipped with     take out rooftop windows to meet your clients needs,

8 years ago when we and the Bicycles for Humanity  team     brought 4,000 bicycles to Karamoja,  as the  cattle wars were ending, we knew    that this was  one of the truly incredible places on earth.  What struck us  most was the incredible beauty of the region and  it's people and how important  we felt it was to help  them    protect their culture and heritage. 

At that time, there  were no roads in the region, no electricity and  few  business's operating, but  you could feel change happening.  We and the people of the region knew that from  this point forward, Karamoja would , Lead Africa Forward  .  This was a big dream and an even bigger goal, but today,  we are well on our way to helping make  this happen.

Karamoja.org is about helping market, promote  and share the beauty and culture  of the  region, while empowering  the people  to develop the skills, solutions and services to lead, not only in Africa but  in a global economy.  High value efficient models win, scale and  with the internet reaching all corners of the planet, mobile technology coming down in price and increasing in power, we  knew that  the opportunity was there to protect the culture, empower the people and   build new and exciting  business's, while   empowering the people to lead.

  The 4000 bicycles became many successful and growing Bicycle Empowerment Centres. We followed  that with the rollout of the iEmpowerment, free education for all,  program across the region, allowing all access to better education  and opportunity.  Next Kara-Tunga a cultural tour and arts company was  started.

Today, we are super excited to announce the completion of the Karamoja Safari Lodge a world class tented lodge  delivering   first class service  to your clients. Our Tour of Karamoja has also turned into  not only a world class event, but it has spawned a new  family of cycling related  programs under our Ride Karamoja brand.

 With incredible parks like Kidepo  Valley National Park in the region. With the roads to the region improving,   Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's, was formed  with the simple goal of  bringing the world to this   incredible region and having the local people   show  the world the place  they love and  want to protect.  Now  tourists, can easily   drive to Murchison  Park in 5 hours, spend a few days, then 6 hours to Kidepo Valley, followed by  3 days in Karamoja  to   enjoy the incredible beauty and culture , then back to Kampala.   As a tour operator, we  believe this is an incredible  opportunity to grow your business and introduce your clients to  a new, exciting and unexplored  part of Africa.

 Where everyone  saw failure and marginalized people, we saw  incredible opportunity and talent, with  a work ethic and a skill set unmatched in Uganda or Africa.  We are now helping   build a tourism training  school and soon, we will be building and supporting world class internet technologies, all from Karamoja.  As a tour operator or tour packager, a new market like this, a solid  highly skilled ground handling team and world class  events and facilities and  you have the recipe  for success and a new opportunity for your clients.

Our goal is simple, to show the world what is possible and to  empower the people of Karamoja, to Lead Africa Forward.  Grassroots models do work and  at Karamoja.org, we are incorporating  all we have learned ,deploying  a new model of Grassroots Development that engages all who  call Karamoja home and all who care about the region and it's people.  

Best of all, it will inspire your clients  to  not only see an incredible part of Africa  and to interact with  the local people, but they will learn new skills and models of development if they are interested,  that they can take to other parts of the world.

Our  only goal is to help you and  your team achieve your goals.  if we can do that, than we know our goals and those of the local Karamojong will have  been met.  Thanks for visiting  the Karamoja.org site, if we can be on any help, please  email me at pat@karamoja.org