Landcruiser Safari Vehicles

In addition to   broadcastingcycling  globally, when home in Uganda, Paul founded a company that specialized in logistics and providing vehicles to the oil and gas industry there.  At one time, Paul had over 50 Toyota Landcrusiers and he understands the importance of having the right vehicle, service that vehicle    properly.

Having been on hundreds of safari's, Paul understood what a proper safari landcrusier needed so that the clients enjoyed  maximum pleasure from their  safari. Sherwen Classic Safari's has  2 Landcrusisers that hve been specially modified  tomeet  his high standards of service, funcitonalityand reliability.

Both Landcrusiers have   been refitted with  custom safari body's, ensuring comfort and room for 5 people plus the driver.  The roof pops out in 3 places to allow you and your guests the ability  to  not only stand up, but sit on the roof to  expierience  close up the beauty of  your adventure.

 They also have the amenities like charging systems for phones and camera's  onboard, plus  all the latest safety and survival  equipmentneededincaseof  problems on the road.

Paul Sherwin Classic Safari's also will also rent these vehicles out on a per day basis with a driver if you are interested in organizing your own  safari.  Just write for more information.