Pat Montani 

Pat has spent 40 years,  starting and growing technology companies, my first love is cycling and  wanting to help others,  started Bicycles for Humanity that has since turned into a global grassroots movement  and delivered over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres to 13 African countries with a total of almost 155,000 bicycles.  Pat understood the  power and the value of Education,  Healthcare and Empowerment .  He  founded iEmpowerment to help the people of Karamoja and all of Africa take the next steps to a better life through the  deployment of technology.  Pat  was deeply moved by the  people of Karamoja, their determination  and desire for a better life for all .  He   along with Paul Sherwen  and Theo Voss who founded  Kara-Tunga a cultural tourism business in Karamoja, with the simple goal of  working wth the people of Karamoja to not only  grow programs  like  but to  share with all  the incredible power of  learning through the  Ekokwa program.  Karamoja has become my second home and like Paul and Theo, I am super keen  to  show you Kidepo, Karamoja and the best part of Africa.

Pat is a Rotarian and has worked with hundreds of Rotary clubs across all of Africa on the deployment of innovation solutions in many areas.

In 2017 Pat was awarded the Meritorious   Service   Medal by Canada for his contribution  to society and  helping  others.  

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Paul Sherwen 

Many of you know me  as the voice of the Tour De France, what you might not know is that I  grew up in Eastern Uganda and spent my  summers in Karamoja.  I  care deeply  for the people and with my  strong African business background and skills and love of the   natural beauty of Uganda, I am keen too   take you on safari and show you my Africa.

Having  ridden the Tour De France 8 times and  being the  Tour announcer the last 30 years, I understand what hard work and attention to detail mean.   As a tour operator,  all we do is first  class and focused on meeting the needs of your clients and   giving them the best experience possible and to  have them share their incredible  adventure  they had with your company. Being the best is   in our DNA and  our experience in business, our experience in tourism and most importantly, our experience in Uganda  coupled with a deep understanding and vast network of people in Karamoja  make  us the perfect partner for you and your company.


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​Overview Background

Our journey to start the Tour of Karamoja and   the Karamoja Safari Lodge grew out of our  love for cycling and  Africa, especially Uganda and our  desire to show the world  Uganda , especially Karamoja.  Karamoja, the North Eastern part of  Uganda is a truly incredible place  and  a place that  will draw you in and you will want to join us in helping the Karamojong.  Education, opportunity and  access to a better life for all is what all of us want.  I invite you to join us  on a safari  or a bike ride in Africa and allow us to   share my Africa  and life with you.