‚ÄčFlorence Naduk and Theo Vos

When Paul and I first decided to bring bikes to Karamoja, we partnered with Florence naduk, who   isfrom  just outside of Moroto, but was living in  the Netherlands.  Florence was the first  female to get a university degree  from Karamoja and came back to  work for the  First Lady to help open up the region.   

Theo here son came    home to Karamoja a few years ago and started Kara Tunga an arts and tourism  business.  Shortly after, Paul and I joined Theo and Florence, built the  Safari Lodge, started the Tour of karamojaand     we continue to   work together to  help the people of Karamoja.  

The  specialskills  that Florence has, understandisn the people and being able to    workwith  all in the region and Theo's  business and internet marketing backgorund, coupled with my technology skills and  the experience about working in Africa we learned from Paul are invaluable as we grow Karamoja.org.  

 To reach, Theo or Florence, please email info@kara-tunga.com

Pat Montani 

Pat has spent 40 years,  starting and growing technology companies, my first love is cycling and  wanting to help others,  started Bicycles for Humanity  www.bicycles-for-humanity.org that has since turned into a global grassroots movement  and delivered over 200 Bicycle Empowerment Centres to 13 African countries with a total of almost 190,000 bicycles.  Pat understood the  power and the value of Education,  Healthcare, opportunity  and Empowerment .  He  founded iEmpowerment to help the people of Karamoja and all of Africa take the next steps to a better life through the  deployment of technology.  Pat  was deeply moved by the  people of Karamoja, their determination  and desire for a better life for all.  With Paul no longer with us, it is my goal to continue to  help the people of the region move forward

Pat is a Rotarian and has worked with hundreds of Rotary clubs across all of Africa on the deployment of innovation solutions in many areas.

In 2017 Pat was awarded the Meritorious   Service   Medal by Canada for his contribution  to society and  helping  others.  

Contact 6049023452

Email pat@karamoja.org

Skype  patwhistler

WhatsApp 6049023452

Paul Sherwen  in Memorium

Many of you knew Paul  as the voice of the Tour De France, what you might not  have know is that he  grew up in Eastern Uganda and spent my  summers in Karamoja.  Paul  cared deeply for the people of this region and worked tirelessly to help them move forward, yet protect their incredible culture and heritage.

Paul passed suddenly   in November of 2018 and  will be missed by all.  Paul was a founding member of karamoja.org along with myself. Karamoja, Will Lead Africa Forward and I am focused on helping make Pauls dream a reality. If you want to honor Paul and   help  continue to honor his legacy, please  visit Ride Karamoja, ridekaramoja.org  and if you want to come to the region, volunteer and help us and the people of Karamoja, please email me, pat@karamoja.org

Overview Background

Paul and I when he was alive,   shared a  dream of Karamoja, Leading Africa Forward. We initially planned on bringing  4500 bikes to the region, but our love of the people  quickly became a passion to help all in Karamoja move forward.  Our success in business coupled with our ability to start and grow successful ventures in Karamoja, gave  us the foundation to  build Karamoja.org and   together with the local people,  train, create opportunity, while helping all in the region to a better life.

7 years ago when  we decided to bring 4500 bikes to Karamoja, our   partner was Florence Naduk.   Florence shared the dream with Paul and I, that Karamoja would one day Lead Africa Forward.  We are  incredibly proud  to have Florence  on our Karamoja.org team. In December of 2018, our close  friend Paul passed

In Paul's  honor and memory we have  created Ride Karamoja to   continue the  bike journey by expanding the mountain bike trail  network, continue to train all with tourism and cycling skills  with our eye on   expanding the Warrior Trails of  the region.  As the saying goes, if you build it, they will come. mountain bikers are already showing up and  with culture,  the  great parks, we will quickly become the  number one  desination place globally for  cyclists.

We call our grassroots approach, Common Sense Capacity Building, driven by  inspired people in the community ,inspired volunteers globally  and the effective and creative use of technology to  both gain reach from a selling and  marketing perspectives as well as  for the deliver  of new services using the expanding cloud.   Kara-tunga is well on it's way, Cloud Empowerment is in flight and with  mountain biking growing  in the region, we are well on our way of   seeing, Karamoja, Leading Africa Forward