Benefits of Association with Paul

‚ÄčOur main  goal is to  have you join us on a Safari or we create a special  safari or cycling adventure for you  and your friends, that I will lead.    I will only personally lead and participate in 2 safari's or cycling events  each year, so if you are interested in    one of these trips, please let us know as soon as possible,  these personalized  trips will  also help us  continue to do the  work   in Africa that empowers  so many.

As a past professional rider and present   cycling announcer, I understand the importance of good quality equipment and the difference it can make.  30 years broadcasting  and watching elite cyclists perform, I have seen my share of equipment malfunctions and poorly designed equipment. Most important, millions globally know me and trust what I say.

If you are interested, I am also  available  to act as a spokesperson  for your product and my ability to  easily articulate the benefits  for you, in a video that you can use as part of your marketing campaign, will  instantly have a global audience interested in learning more. I am looking for   no more than 5  corporate sponsors each year to endorse and help you build your  company.

Great social media reach,  the  programs I have helped create and continue to grow will resonate with all  on  social media.  Sharing by experiences and love of Uganda  and empowering the local people is my passion and  we are more than happy to   create a program that combines me as a spokesperson and our turnkey Bicycles for Humanity, African Development Kit and iEmpowerment programs,  that  benefit not only the people of Africa, but you and your company.

A safari's or cycling trip  that  I participate in, lead and  entertain your   friends, clients , staff or customers with stories of the tour and   cycling in general,  will be  a trip no one will ever forget. With trips as incentives for sales reps channel partners or customers,  I know you will sell  far more  product,  creating truly memorable and special experiences for your team  and customers.

Together with a well thought out campaign and the right incentive program,  we can  greatly increase your product sales and awareness, plus    it will get carried in social media a hundred different ways.

I am not one to talk about myself, but  in cycling  globally, I am known by millions, well liked and respected for my knowledge and what I have given back to  cycling and  to humanity.  My  personal traits,  of determination, skill and knowledge along with a long track record of being the best in the game globally, and helping others  with bikes and education are all skills  you  and your company would want to be associated with.

In the spring and summer by schedule is very busy broadcasting  major cycling events,  but there are times while  travelling  that I can fit in dinners, motivational  talks,  corporate appearances and special events, with trips beign in the fall  and  winter seasons.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Pat , my partner  at