Paul Sherwen Classic Safari

The Classic  Safari's goal is to  show you the  very best of  the scenery and wild life Uganda has to offer, plus allow you to interact and meet the special people that I love.  it is the experiences  and the ability to interact with the people that  create the lasting memories and Sherwen Classic Safari's goal is to   give you the very best.

With your own   professional driver  and tour guides  personally trained by Paul and Theo, we know  you will be blown away and want to come  back the and again.  With your own vehicle  and  our personalized program, you also have the  ability to stop take pictures where you want, get out and walk   around and visit the things that are of interest to you. Our only agenda is your agenda and giving you  the   experience you desire while ensureyou  see the best and meet the most incredible  people  of your life.

Like all  safari's we will take  you to the places to see the  beauty of the country and the wildlife, but more than that,   you will  get to experience and interact with the  people, especially the Karamojong in Karamoja.  the Karamoja link and will provide you with  moreinformation on Karamoja. I've travelled all of Africa and I know you will love Karamoja and it's people as much as I do.

When on  safari in Uganda,  the parks are generally not overcrowded like those in Kenya and Tanzania. here you can go  all  day  and never see another vehicle, especially in Kidepo Valley. This is unique in Africa and     it ranks Uganda highest for those that really want to experience Africa at it's finest. tourism is also a  high priority for  the government and uganda is now one of the safest countries in Africa  to visit.



 having travelled for  a day to get here, we recommend  taking a day to rest and relax and  see the best that Kampala our capital city has to offer.  Once rested,    we start your  adventure   heading north to Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park

For the Paul Sherwen Classic Safari, our first  park we visit in  Murchison Falls National Park.  This park along   the Lake Albert portion of the Nile river is incredible beautiful and  the park contains all of the big  animals of Africa except the Rhino. 2-3 days

Kidepo Valley National  Park

 This park is one of the most beautiful in all of Africa and it's remoteness give you the feeling that you are the only one in the  park.  Our accomodaitons here is one of the most spectacular in all of Africa.  here you wil stay in a tented  permanant Safari camp, with  spectacular views of  the Kidepo Valley. 2-3days

Karamoja Region

We know  Karamoja  Region and meeting    the incredible Karamojong   people will be the  highlight of your safari.  Words cannot explain the experience and with our partner Kara-Tunga and their   professional team of local Karamojong guides, you will experience many exciting  adventures one  once in a lifetime experiences.  Everything from visiting a cattle krall, staying in  minyatta to  hikes to experiencing karamojong culture and    the arts, al in one of the  most beautiful  places on earth.  Please visit to learn more about this incredible  part of your adventure.

All of this can be accomplished in 10 days and if you have more time, you can  cross over into the  Turkana regon or visit the  coffee growing region on the slopes of MT Elgon before returning back to  Kampala.