What is  Cloud Empowerment

Cloud Empowerment is a new technology service organization focused on  providing  communities globally better access to education, healthcare and opportunity. We live in a globally connected internet world, with an explosion of  smart phones driving much of the growth in the developing world.  Fibre  has now reached all of the major centers in Africa,  but outside of these centers, Internet is delivered over  very expensive and slow  2G networks .

 In the developed world,  almost everyone has access to high speed internet and  can  view  outstanding  educational and training material on line in perfect high def video.  For all of the  developed world, these same video's would take literally days to download at  incredible high data rates, making  online education and training,out of reach of  the bulk of  the people.

 The  Cloud  Empowerment team recognize this and    have created the CE NAS,Cloud Empowerment Network Attatched  Storage  that allows for the delivery of high speed content, application and database services   all focused on helping the poor gain  access to  great  learning material free of charge and applications and databases focused on improving their lives.  For more information on this exciting company and platform , please visit www.cloudempowerment.com

We are proud of the fact that Cloud Empowerment is the first technology/service   company  founded in Karamoja , with Alfred Mhutoht on of the partners being born in Karamoja.