Grand Safari

From experience we have found that  manytourists  loveto  plan their safari's for 10 or 11 days with   2 days of travel, making and one day's rest when first  arriving  in Uganda.   Our Murchison, Kidepo and cultural tours of Karamoja fit nicely into a 10 day safari with.  For those  with a little more time, we encourage you to   start off by travelling west to Bwindi Imprenetrable Forst to   see the gorilla's and possible a stop at Queen Elizabeth Park  in the far SW corner of Uganda and from there, head up to Murchison Falls  National Park.

 After  your 3 or 4 days in Karamoja  taking in and experiencing the beauty  of the karamojongand the incredible  cultural and artstours  managed by Kara-tunga,  we encourage you to cross the mountain and visit the Turkana region and the Masaii Mara.

 The Turkana and the Masaii are  related to the Karamojong, all are   part of the Niolic  Tribes that came to central africa  travelling down the Nile.   

The interaction and  visiting the  Karamojong  Myatta's and Cattle Crawls and our  culture and artstours   willbe the highlight of your Sherwen Classic Safari and  extending it to  visit the Turkana and the  Masaii will      be a real treat.