Heart of the Lion

The Karamojong are one of the most nobleand  respected  tribes in all of Africa.   Their culture  remains the same as it was 500 years ago and as a society we can learn a lot from them.  Being pastoralists cattle  and walking trails go in a  hundred directions from every village and the north of the region Kidepo Valley Naitonal Park is  incredible beautiful and a great way to  complete an adventure.  The   on the southern edge of KaramojaHeart of the Lion is a  cycling adventure that can be completed on mountain bikes or gravel bikes  that is like no other on earth.

Your adventure started either rafting the  Nile with Will and his  team at Clark Expeditions or at his  Sipi River Lodge on the southern edge of Karamoja.   From  there, you will cycle  up the shoulder of Mt Elgon and then start heading north towards Kidepo.  As you drop down  the shoulder of  this big mountain, you will enter the plains  and high savannah of Karamojawith    asafari  camp  completewith  hot running showers and  gourmet food right in the heart of  Pian Upe Game Reserve.

The next morning you will follow  local trails that have been walked for thousands of years with the next nightsaccommodation  in Moroto at the Karamoja Safari Lodge. Visiting   this   incredible area and partaking in the  culture while riding the nomadic warrior trails is a must.  After  nights in Moroto, you will  cyclenorth  staying  outside of Kotido followed by an evening  in Kaboong and  then  the last days ride  to Kidepo where you will again  stayin  terrific  lodge.

Your final day will be spent on safari in Kidepo and   the day after return to Kampala. This  7 or 8 dayadventure  is     a trip of a lifetime for every cyclist or  adventureenthusiast..

World class riding,  world classaccomodations, world class culture and  game, coupled with a professional, highly experienced team, lead by one of the  iconsof  the cycling world, this is simply a trip every cyclist must  do.  For more information, feel free o  write any of us for more details, pat@karamoja.com, Theo at info@kara-tunga.com or Will at info@clarkexpeditions.com