Karamoja iEmpowerment Applications 

Next to mobility , access to  education, healthcare and opportunity are key to all people in the developing world.   Schools  inAfrica  lack books and teachers have very few skills,  with many  not being paid, only given a small plot of land.

 This makes it very difficult for  bright   students to gain access to books and learning material on subjects.  In the developed world, we have libraries and   incredible resources online,  and anyone with high speed internet can access them.  In the developing world,,high speed internet is non existent in rural areas and very expensive in major communities.

We recognized this and developed the iEmpowerment  program, which delivers a complete education on a 64 gig memory stick. Loaded on a computer with a wifi router, it becomes a virtual library allowing thousands of  people access at  the same time.  For those that have  smart devices,  we  took the best material in a number of subjects and included it on this website for all to use under  our Resources Ekokwa link.  We invite everyone to  use and share this valuable Karamoja resource.

The ability to gather  data  realtime and use it for  agriculture and healthcare , opens up enormous opportunities for all in the  region.  To this end, we are building  a team of programmers in he region to further develop the apps and  to   begin selling them to organizations across Uganda and Africa.