Karamoja Programs

8 years ago after years of   wars,  the Karmojong were just  beginning to settle into communities, for many, the pastoralist  life was coming to an end.   The elders recognized this and  the bike program was  the first step. Mobility allowed the people to do  so much more, and  the 4000 bikes lifted the overall size of the economy multiple times.

The schools in the region had  few books, and for the bright  students, it was very difficult to find  educational and reading material.  We  created theiEmpowerment program and launched it first in Karamoja and it has now grown across all of Africa with  over 8000 organizations using it and   75 plus community health schools.  Technology is important and in a connected world, we in Karamoja are focused on not only helping our own people but    also everyone else in Africa.

Our ability to understand and deploy   world class technology, not only touches   education, but   we incorporate it in   Kara Tunga and in  Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's to create further differentiation and opportunity. We are equally  excited to  help Alfred  create and grow the first Information Technology and  Computer Hardware Services business in the region.  Karamoja IT also understands the need to give back and for all who want the iEmpowerment program, Alfred and his team are  keen to help in any way they can.

One of our goals in 2018 is to  begindeveloping  additional software and services to assist in the collection of valuable   data  related to healthcare, education and agriculture.  We are also looking into launching a  program to   build, sell and  support Apps for mobile  devices with an initial focus on  healthcare and Malaria.

Today, we lead   all of Uganda and most of Africa in the efficient deployment of  technology, especially mobile technology   focusedon  empowering local initiatives first and then exporting those services to  the world.

 Empowering  others and making a difference at a grassroots level is in our DNA.  As a tour operator, we understand the importance of being  a great ground handler, but more importantly, our ability to make a difference and create positive change, while  helping   the tourists interested in new models of development also  learn  new skills, providing an even greater experience on their trip to Kidepo and Karamoja.