Paul's Peloton Leading Africa Forward through Cycling

Hi, I'm Paul Sherwen, most of you know me as the voice of the Tour de France along with that of Phil Liggett. what you might not know is that since the age of 7, I have lived in Uganda and I am a Ugandan citizen and grew up in Karamoja.  As an ex-professional bike racer I understand the value of a bicycle so 12 years ago, I joined Pat and the rest of the Bicycles for Humanity team and we set about helping many in Africa enjoy the gift that the mobility of a bicycle can provide. Pat and I have focused on Karamoja, in Northern Uganda, a place I spent a lot of time in my youth. 

Karamoja and cycling are both very important to me and I believe that both should Lead Africa forward.  we have created Paul's Peloton to help  build a strong  team to support us as we   move forward to make this happen. Thanks to David Kinjah and the Safari Simbaz cycling program, we are bringing both together  with  cycling events in both Karamoja and Kenya, while growing the Simbaz program across  not only Kenya, but  also Karamoja.

We invite everyone in the cycling world globally to join us on this incredible journey  to lead Africa forward

Bicycles for Humanity, with no staff or overhead of any kind., just a volunteer  base that believed that a bicycle can make a difference delivered over 155,000  bikes to 11 African countries through it's global chapter base of volunteers.  This was achieved by simply pointing out the need and  providing a templated approach to allow anyone to join in and make a difference.

With Paul's Peloton, we are taking the same approach, engaging the local cycling enthusiasts, providing templates to all and a program that allows African Cyclingprograms like  the Safari Simbaz  to  not only realize their cycling goals,  but  they can now reach every person in their community with  a world class education, healthcare and opportunity program as well.  Doing good, while  improving and excelling in your sport, with a foundation of integrity and understanding of what it takes to  help all including sponsors to achieve their goals as a grassroots movement is a winning combination. The ability to add  tremendous value, helping others with a fluid viral program, delivers  tremendous value to all the team's  and their sponsors.    This templated approach will  help cycling teams not only in Africa, but globally expand awareness and  opportunity for all.

Create new ways to help your  community, attract sponsors and  build a network  of clubs globally to support your club and community.  The 2 key Paul's Peloton  programs are as follows:

The iEmpowerment  program focused on  helping  get new  cycling clothing  to your club while extending education and healthcare  to all in their community.

The Bicycles for Humanity partnering program helping clubs  build relationships  with  clubs , individuals and corporations globally to help them get whole containers of bicycles through the BEC Program.

We encourage every  cycling club in the developed world to   join us on this journey and help a cycling program in Africa  take the next steps forward to success and empowerment for all.