Ride Karamoja

When Paul and I  first brought bikes to Karamoja with  Bicycles for Humanity, we knew then, that the  region had the potential to be a world class mountain biking  destination.  Literally thousands of miles of great single track trail , coupled with many routes off Mt Moroto and on the shoulders of the mountain, can provide everyone with  an incredible mountain biking holiday.

Our    goal  through all we do  at Karamoja.org is to empower the local people and to assist them in creating positive change in their communities.   The Tepeth People, a small indigenous  people  of the region live on the shoulders of MT Moroto, where the   great mountain biking is.  We have held meeting with them to sensitize them to mountain bikes and they are in   favor of having  them in their territory.  Creating an economy that did not   take their land or cut their tree's was important to them. Mountain biking  creates an entire economy for the Tepeth, a campground at the trailhead, creates new revenue, riders pay a fee to ride the trails, locals re paid to  build the trails and maintain them and  in time and local youth   will become guides.   Like all we do,  Common Sense Capacity Building is what we are all about and  it is what we  will always do.

Like the saying goes, if you build it, they will come, and this applies to trail building.  The more trails, the more  riders show up.  To this end, we have also created a local KAMBA, a Mountain Bike Association, Karamojabike.org to assist the local people in taking control and responsibility for their  trail network. We encourage you to support ‚ÄčKAMBA

We are teaching trail building and funds from  the  Karamoja cycling jerseys and  funds  from the Tour of Karamoja and fee's charged for riding the incredible trail network will go towards the local people to help them maintain and grow the network while creating a new environmentally friendly economy for themselves and their people.

Ride, Safari and Experience Unbelievable Culture

Many places have   great riding or   great parks, but only Karamoja has both plus a culture  that is so unique that together, it makes for incredible adventures and out of this world trips. Add to this one of  the most experienced teams in cycling,   with a lot of tourism and cycling experience and you have all of the  pieces needed to be able to provide  world class cycling and adventure  trips that  you can  create and sell to your  clients who are looking for the  very best that Africa has to offer.

Our new  cloud Based  Cycling Tourism marketing approach  that highlights the   great  organizations we have  in the region promoting cycling  and building  bike related  rental and tour companies is very important to our success and to theirs as well.

We have taught the Capacity Building  to    build and manage the trails, but we needed to reach out in a connected world  and   find a way to bring the riders here so that  the new opportunities were  available to the people.

As this  model grows, we believe we have a template to export services to  many other communities across Africa.  Inspired Cycling Adventures, Ride Karamoja, Karamojabike.org    and  incredible relationships with  partners who want to make cycling  a unique and incredible experience   for all in this region  and there is no question that Karamoja, will Lead  Africa Forward in cycling.  Common Sense Capacity Building, it works.