Ride the Nomadic Warrior Trails

Karamoja just might be the best mountain biking adventure on earth, incredible terrain, culture like no other place on earth and  Africa's best game park.  The founders of Ride Karamoja all have a lot of experience in cycling, tourism and  Africa.  Having   now  completed our second annual Tour  of Karamoja and building a mountain bikepark with the local people, it got us thinking.

 Will with Clarke Expeditions was already riding the slopes of Mt Elgon 4321 metreswith   a downhill that is almost 9000 feet  or 3000 metres in vertical drop.  Just like  in the safari world, people want to see the big  5  animals of Africa, why not add the big 3    mountain bike adventures  to the big 5 and  provide a truly incredible experience for all.

 Ride the Nomadic Warrior trails starts with 2 days of riding on the shoulders of Mt Elgon,  staying at Sipi River Lodge.  From there, you will shuttle to Moroto and stay at the Karamoja Safari Lodge  for 2 nights and  2days of riding.   Between Moroto  andKidepois    the town of Kaboong and hundreds of miles of flow single track that will blow your mind.

 To top the trip off,  a day on safari, morning and evening game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park , in one of the world's most incredible parks, a mountain bike adventure of a lifetime, riding  trails  through culture and beauty that will blow your mind. With our ability to manage every aspect of    the trip, we are also keen to help you and your team create mountain bike adventures and we are delighted to be the full  on the ground  supportfor  you.  For more information  please contact pat@karamoja.org, Theo at info@kara-tunga.com or Will at  info@clarkexpeditions.com