Tour of Karamoja

Being cyclists, we thought , why not   create a unique cycling adventure in one of the most remote places on earth and the Tour of Karamoja was born last October with 41 people from all over the world participating.

This year we have expanded the program and with now over 100 kilometres of  single track  mountain bike trails and a 3 day event,  you will be blown away by the beauty and the incredible riding in the region.  This years event will take place October 6th to 9th 

We encourage you to  think about joining us  for the second annual Tour of Karamoja and   a Paul Sherwen Classic Safari  leading up to this  incredible experience.

Our goal is to build a world class mountain biking facility on the shoulders of Mt Moroto,   made up on hundreds of miles of flowing single track and enough black and double black riding to challenge  the most expert riders. Imagine, a world class safari, interacting with  an incredible people and riding world class terrain ,  with levels from beginner to  expert,  all  in the same week.   For the  cyclist who wants the best and an incredible  experience, than, we invite you to   come, ride, explore and safari with us in the land of the Nomad Warriors.

As we build out Karamoja Mountain Biking,  from the very start, it will be a sustainable program that empowers the local people.   Riding fee's go to  paying the local Tepeth  people to  continually build and expand the trail network, creating  greater pleasure for you and  a new model of sustainable income  that is environmentally friendly for them.

I encourage you to visit and contact  us if you are interested in joining Paul, I and the Kara  Tunga team to ride this incredible region.  Please contact Theo  at or Pat  at