Tourism Portals

Like all things when one has little money,   it is important to gain lift from technology. As we were starting a portal for activities in Karamoja and a  small guest house that became a tented safari lodge, we first and foremost had to  find customers and new tour operators to book  our  lodge and  activities.  With a background in technology and  internet marketing, we created a  Tourism site, that allowed us to highlight the region and to  book  business for others in the region.  This site,  with search   efficiently deployed, brings a lot of business in and we are now booking  business for many others  in the region and this will  only increase.

We have recently partnered with a number of NGO's to build tourism capacity, training young people in all of the  skills needed and as they  graduate this program, we will enable to both find the employment, but more importantly support them as they  build  tourism related activities in their  communities.

 By adding our Common Sense approach to traditional Capacity Building, we  are   helping    the   tour operators  tell their story, but more importantly,  find them the clients they need to be successful.  In building this, it also creates a new category of needed tourism specialists to talk to clients and book the orders, to  handle logistics and ensure that all happens smoothly.  As we do this in Karamoja, it also becomes a full suite of services we can export to the world.