Why Sherwen Classic Safari's

Paul Sherwen   is a true professional in everything he does.   To be a Tour de France   bike rider takes incredible skill and dedication . After his professional cycling career  was over Paul went back to uganda and started many successful business's all while being the voice of  cycling in the english speaking world with his broadcast partner, Phil Liggett.  Everything  Paul does  is  professional , well thought out and  extremely well organized.

When home in Uganda, Paul loves to take  people of Safari to see the Africa and the uganda that Paul loves.  

Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's is simply an extension of Paul, who he is and what he loves, packaged in the way that Paul  travels, and what is important to him.  

Sherwen Classic Safari's  is an extension of Paul and no detail is overlooked, with the ultimate goal of  providing you and your  safari guests the  absolute best experience possible. The ability to   go to the big parks and   to meet the people like the Karamojong and the Turkana the way that Paul does, plus the added flexibility of having a  reliable safari landcruiser and a professional  driver and guide, give you that  extra, that experience that takes  your trip over the top and it will be the trip of a lifetime.

With Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's, you get the best of Paul and  the  experiences gained form living in and working in Uganda for   45 years.  Together with   Theo and the  incredible team at Kara-Tunga we know that you will not be disappointed.